Are you looking for options to sell your land or farm quickly and efficiently?

Look no further than MyAcreage, we have partnered with the leading platform for online auctions in Alberta. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches, we offer a seamless and transparent process for sellers to maximize their returns.

At MyAcreage, we understand the importance of leveraging the right tools to reach a broader audience and achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. That's why CIR and MyAcreage have partnered with FRE (Future of Real Estate); three trusted names in the real estate industry, to bring you the most advanced online auction platform available.

With FRE's expertise and their user-friendly interface, selling your land or farm has never been easier. Our online auctions provide a convenient way for buyers to participate from anywhere, driving up competition and ensuring you get the best price for your property.

Explore the Benefits of Online Auctions

By choosing MyAcreage for your land and farm auctions, you will maximize your exposure.  Our online platform attracts buyers from across Alberta and beyond, ensuring your property receives maximum exposure in the market.  With online auctions, properties are sold quickly and efficiently.  Our auctions are conducted with full transparency, allowing you to track bidding activity in real-time and make informed decisions.  With multiple buyers competing for your property, you can secure the best possible price.  The AUCTION PLUS® option allows Buyers to include contingencies along with their bid; Allowing the Seller to accept the bid that is best for them and not just the highest final bid.  

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 Ready to sell your acreage, land or farm with MyAcreage through online auction? Visit the CIR FRE website to learn more about our online auction platform and start the process today. With the support of FRE, you can trust David Doyle and the team at MyAcreage to deliver exceptional results for all your real estate needs.

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