My husband and I have been looking for a particular type of property for some time, it wasn't a rush to find it but it was a dream to eventually find the right spot.  We searched many online listings and had a few showings also. We finally found a property that was of interest and the agent we contacted on that listing was David Doyle. We asked to view the property and although David was not the listing agent he went ahead and arranged everything for us. This particular property did not check enough of  the boxes of criteria that we were looking for, however, we asked David to let us know if he finds any other similar listings. He stayed in touch and sent us a number of options  in the following weeks. He set up a few more showings for us and…

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of showing an acreage in Southern Alberta.  It was an Older home with extensive renovations.  The septic field had been updated, there was a well report and it looked like it was really well done.

These are a few things that caught my Eye:

Well report; there were two reports for the same well and it gave conflicting information as far as static water level and the GPM.  If sharing your well report make sure you just share the most recent. 

The Pressure tank; it was old and showing rust on the outside, I would think in the 1970’s vintage.   A new pressure tank will cost about $400 at Peavy Mart, and its well worth the investment over time you get rust and corrosion over time and eventually the balloon will burst in…

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The day has come, and you have finally decided to buy some land to build an acreage on, next step is find the right location and builder and bobs your uncle.

First thing, Location is very important and there are a few things to consider:

  •         Access.  Not every acreage lot is all it’s made out to be, occasionally unbeknownst to the buyer you could buy a lot that you won’t be able to build on the lot without upgrading the road.
  •         County / municipality approval.  If you bought land in an area close to an intensive live-stock operation, a couple of pipelines, an environmentally sensitive area, the county or municipality might not allow you to build the home you want to on the property.
  •         Utilities, is there access to power, a…

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